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Innovative & Secure Information Technology Solutions for a Rapidly Changing World

"The pace of change is our greatest threat" - Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess, USA 

We are watching the world change. And with technology evolving at an increasing rate, so are the challenges, choices and risks of being left behind.  We are seeing the market evolve.  Today's advanced program solutions need to be thoughtfully and economically engineered to provide the most utility and lifespan possible to ensure long-term mission success.  We are hearing what customers say.  CIS works with leading edge technology partners to keep pace with innovation and develop solutions that meet customer’s exact requirements.  We are constantly evolving, watching the world, and listening to you. We are CIS: your partner for mission critical secure communications.

CIS Secure Computing is a leading provider of communications and computing solutions for a wide range of government and commercial customers. Our Solutions include:


Suppression of compromising electrical emanations that can jeopardize security


Hardened to meet airborne, shipboard, shock & vibration, EMI, extreme temperatures, and altitude


Repackaged to support agile, mobile teams, who need to operate anywhere, anytime


Integration of Type I crypto equipment with your video teleconferencing and mobile networking systems


Modification of industry leading VoIP solutions to meet TEMPEST, TSG, VOSIP and fiber-to-the-desktop requirements


Mobile and TEMPEST video conferencing systems


TEMPEST testing, field service training, technical support