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TSG Approved Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone

TSG Approved Avaya 9611G VoIP Phone

TSG Certified Microsoft Lync Enabled Polycom CX600 VoIP Phone with PoE CIS Part Number DTD-CX600-TSGB


Quality, Reliability, Innovation.

Secure, Precision-Crafted Solutions for Demanding IT Applications

At CIS, we don't just see the world change - we predict these changes, monitor them and work closely to custom craft an ever-increasing suite of products to meet these challenges and threats.  CIS works closely with our partners in Government and industry to design, test, manufacture and support advanced solutions that must be thoughtfully and economically engineered.  We listen to what our customers say and, using the highest-quality tools and a team of designers and craftsmen - provide solutions with the most utility and lifespan possible to ensure long-term mission success.

CIS is constantly working with leading-edge technology parters to keep pace with innovation and develop our solutions to meet the exacting requirements of Government and industry.

CIS is constantly evolving, watching the world, listening to you.  We are CIS , your technology partner for mission-critical, secure communications.

CIS Secure Computing is a leading provider of high-quality communications and computing solutions for a wide range of Government and commercial customers.  


Our Solutions include:


Suppression of compromising electrical emanations that can jeopardize security


Hardened to meet airborne, shipboard, shock & vibration, EMI, extreme temperatures, and altitude


Repackaged to support agile, mobile teams, who need to operate anywhere, anytime


Integration of Type I crypto equipment with your video teleconferencing and mobile networking systems


Modification of industry leading VoIP solutions to meet TEMPEST, TSG, VOSIP and fiber-to-the-desktop requirements


Mobile and TEMPEST video conferencing systems


TEMPEST testing, field service training, technical support