CIS Secure Announces New Secure KVM Solution

CIS Secure Announces New Secure KVM Solution

ASHBURN, Va., November 8, 2022 – CIS Secure, the leader in secure collaboration, tactical communications and protected personal mobility solutions, announces the release of its new Secure KVM solution designed to provide keyboard, mouse and video access to computing systems from a single console using fiber technology. The CIS Secure KVM solution prevents data leakage from the KVM user interface point by eliminating the risk of sensitive information which could bleed from a secure enclave into an insecure environment.

The CIS Secure KVM solution consists of a DTD-4KVMRX head-end console and up to (4) DTD-KVMTX endpoint units interconnected via multimode fiber. When integrated together, this secure KVM switching system is capable of supporting up to four different endpoints to a single management interface.

This solution provides the ability for credentialed users to interface with computing resources located on disparate secure enclaves which are either air-gapped or unreachable from a single network. CIS Secure’s KVM solution delivers discrete switching and data paths that guarantee true isolation between devices.

For the DoD and Intelligence Community, CIS Secure also offers a TEMPEST version of the secure KVM solution to protect against the vulnerability of electromagnetic emissions.

The CIS Secure KVM solution is available to order immediately. Click here for additional information.