CIS Secure CTO is Selected to Speak the National Laboratories Information Technology (NLIT) Summit

CIS Secure CTO is Selected to Speak the National Laboratories Information Technology (NLIT) Summit

Topic: Stop trusting and start securing—the new era of Zero Trust.

ASHBURN, Va., June 6 2023 – CIS Secure, a leading provider of mission-driven secure solutions and services, is excited to announce that Bill Hargreaves, Chief Technology Officer for CIS Secure, has been selected to present a session that addresses Zero Trust initiatives at the upcoming NLIT Summit happening June 27-30 in Milwaukee, WI.

Zero Trust changes the way organizations authenticate users, moving security from just at the perimeter to multiple places throughout a company’s networks. Mr. Hargreaves’s session will address how Zero Trust applies to the following:

  • Tracking a manufacturer’s supply chain’s chain of custody
  • Examining how manufacturing must embrace and adopt Zero Trust practices
  • Monitoring and testing these security measures to verify effectiveness

Gartner Group predicts that by 2026 just 10% of large enterprises will have Zero Trust protocols in place. Which means that 90% of companies will still be vulnerable to these exceptional risks. And with local, cloud-based and hybrid networks powering organizational data, robust security measures ensure all users are authenticated, authorized and continuously validated before being allowed access to data and during the continued use of data.

Zero Trust initiatives were required in an Executive Order signed by President Biden on May 2021. This order paves the way for IT modernization, information system interoperability and increased security measures across our electronic ecosystem. US Department of Energy organizations are responding with increased investments in security products, personnel and policies – as witnessed by the speed with which they are upgrading aging electronic infrastructure in order to expedite compliance with modern security policies.

CIS Secure is constantly evaluating ways to improve security within our business operation and across our numerous solutions. Mr. Hargreaves will speak about the challenge of knowing which components best suit our design and security specifications. The criterion used to help guide the decision process primarily focuses on the manufacturer’s devices and where they are sourced. Our users rely on CIS Secure to confirm our solutions meet or exceed customer security requirements. Through the use of a robust counterfeit parts policy, rigorous supplier vetting, and secure internal processes for material handling, CIS Secure is able to confidently design, develop and manufacture an increasing range of solutions with the policy adherence our customers expect.

If you’re attending NLIT, be sure to attend Bill’s session and also stop by booth 313 to learn more:

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