CIS Secure Expands TSG-Approved Video Solutions Offering

CIS Secure Expands TSG-Approved Video Solutions Offering

ASHBURN, VA., May 17, 2022 – CIS Secure, the leader in secure collaboration, secure edge and protected personal mobility solutions, announces a new Video Teleconferencing (VTC) offering in its portfolio of TSG-approved solutions. The National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG), has approved CIS Secure’s DTD-WXRMPLUS, a solution consisting of the Cisco Systems Room Kit Plus codec and the CIS Secure DTD-PDCODEC positive disconnect platform. The DTD-WXRMPLUS provides the robust capabilities of Cisco’s Room Kit Plus with the enhanced security mechanisms required to make a TSG-compliant VTC solution.

Designed with the same dimensions as Cisco’s Room Kit Plus, CIS Secure’s DTD-WXRMPLUS works seamlessly with the Cisco codec and provides a simple set of connections to eliminate deployment challenges. Positioned in between the Room Kit Plus and the associated peripherals including the camera, microphone and speakers, the DTD-WXRMPLUS provides positive disconnect functionality to ensure TSG compliance. CIS Secure’s design also allows customers to use the DTD-PDCODEC alone, to bring TSG compliance to existing VTC codecs.

“Government users have become increasingly reliant on video conferencing as part of the suite of collaboration solutions used in daily operations and interactions,” said Bill Hargreaves, CTO, CIS Secure. “The need to mitigate the risks by VTC emerging threats is greater than ever. CIS Secure’s DTD-WXRMPLUS provides effective countermeasures for preventing eavesdropping and other exploitations of VTC technology and is compliant with TSG standards to protect controlled unclassified and classified information.”

CIS Secure is the first to bring TSG-Approved Video products to market and continues to expand our portfolio to help secure the mission.

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