CIS Secure Push To Talk (PTT) Solutions

CIS Secure’s PTT collaboration peripherals help organizations and agencies comply with  these published guidelines. As the industry leader in TSG phone technology, which focuses on “on-hook” security, our PTT peripherals improve “off-hook” security as well. Our headsets and handsets physically break the circuit to the microphone until the button PTT is pressed, ensuring any unwanted sounds are not transmitted.

The CIS Secure Positive Disconnect provides the security needed to ensure compliance with the guidance provided in this DoD memorandum for Collaboration Peripherals in Secure Spaces. As a TSG Certified device, it ensures compliance with the provided guidance when connecting peripherals such as headsets/handsets, cameras and microphones are connected to a collaboration workstation.

Manually depressing the white plastic button at the top of the unit disables, or enables, the positive disconnect functionality. As an added security measure, the security function enables automatically after a pre­determined amount of time. Color LED indicators at the top of the unit signify when the communications channel is Safe (green), Live (red), and when timer expiration is about to occur (alternating of red and blue) While the LEDs are indicating the security time out, if the button is pressed again the timer resets and the connection remains uninterrupted. If you need to extend security to your collaboration peripherals, ask us about our TSG-approved push-to-talk (PTT) headsets and webcams.

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