CIS Secure’s Intrepid Solutions and Darkblade Systems Receive The Hire Vets Gold Medallion Award For Third Year

CIS Secure’s Intrepid Solutions and Darkblade Systems Receive The Hire Vets Gold Medallion Award For Third Year

ASHBURN, Va., November 10, 2022 – CIS Secure is pleased to announce that both Intrepid Solutions and Services, LLC (“Intrepid”) and the Darkblade Systems (“Darkblade”) teams have again received the HIRE Vets Gold Medallion. This is the third consecutive year that the award has been awarded to Intrepid and the third year for Darkblade.

Hire Vets Gold Award

As the only veteran hiring award at the federal level, the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans (HIRE Vets) Medallion Program implements the requirements of Public Law 115-31, the HIRE Vets Act of 2017. By meeting the criteria required for a Gold Medallion Award, Intrepid and Darkblade have demonstrated a model of patriotism worthy of praise as well as a recognition of the value veterans bring to the workplace.

Intrepid and Darkblade are both honored to receive this award for a third year. We remain 100% committed to providing opportunities for employment to our veterans. Once hired, we provide our employees with a professional development plan that is custom tailored to their career ambitions. Professional development is critical to our veterans, and we have found that it is extremely impactful in their transition from the Government. The professional development of our employees is a real passion of mine and rooted in my professional services background. These awards would not have been possible without a continued focus from our Talent Acquisition Team and robust employee referral program with a strategic objective of attracting and hiring veteran applicants,” Ryan Hebert, Chief Executive Officer.

Lianne Best, Director of Talent Acquisition, says, “Our intelligence community clients benefit deeply from our veteran employees’ experience and work ethic. Enabling veterans to continue their mission-driven careers with us while they transition to civilian life is a double win, and we are proud to play a part in this perfect union.”

Our business leaders know from experience that Veterans bring proven leadership, mission-focused approach to work, technical skills, a strong work ethic and many other strengths to the workplace.