Delivering accurate, real-time, field information is vital to any crisis or operational situation.

CIS Secure’s TSG-approved phones enable you to communicate securely within the work environment, and our positive disconnect audio capability reduces insider threat and eavesdropping vulnerabilities inherent in standard IP phone technologies. CIS provides TSG approved solutions for Cisco, AVAYA and Polycom technologies and our years of experience in the design and manufacture of these critical security tools has led to CIS’ reputation as the world’s leader in TSG-certified VoIP products.

CIS Secure Computing’s tactical product supports field deployable kits configurable to your mission needs. Whether it is video teleconferencing, secure voice or data networks, our tactical product line offers interactive audiovisual and collaborative communications. CIS Secure Computing’s tactical telephone product line supports both Type 1 and Suite B encryption capabilities to ensure secure voice communication to executives on travel, first responders, or deployed personnel.  Our RED/BLACK “data” (binary, text, image, graphics, etc.) tactical units leverage Type 1 encryption to ensure that field data collection is quickly and easily transferred to your desired network.

Each tactical unit is designed to meet your unique network access, data, and power needs with network and data options including LAN, 3G, 4G LTE. Additional device attachment support via WiFi is also available. Power options include AC, DC, and battery pack to support both stationary and mobile environments. Many of our tactical kits are built to meet commercial airline carry-on luggage size requirements and our designs offer I/O concealment panels for discrete travel transit. Tactical kits are available in commercial, hardened or TEMPEST configurations.

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