Executive Travel

In today’s global market, executives need to be available without regard to geography or time-of-day.

CIS Secure offers a variety of mobile travel kits (data, voice, and video) to meet the collaborative information sharing needs of today’s executive. To avoid wasted time at baggage claim, most travel kits meet commercial airlines carry-on luggage requirements. CIS Secure product lines support a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Avaya, Cisco and Polycom. This range ensures compatibility between the mobile kit’s communication devices and the corporate telecommunications and network infrastructure. Connecting our cellular enabled travel kits “from anywhere to anywhere” is supported by most LTE carriers. Our power supply options support both in room (AC) and in vehicle (DC) operations as well as battery pack operations to prevent primary power source interruptions or deployments when no power source is available. Embedded router capabilities support local network as well as WiFi connections and the weatherproof travel kit design protects against in-climate weather changes.

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