First Responder

Securely communicate with First Response personnel to assess and address any catastrophic event.

CIS Secure offers secure First Responder video teleconferencing mobile kits that support uninterrupted in-transit to on-ground operations. The in-transit capabilities (DC power and LTE support) of our product offerings enable the command center to relay final pre-arrival response strategies to the First Responder team. The battery backed on-ground operations capability enables the command center to stay connected with the First Responder team during the most critical time of initial on-ground assessment. A command center’s ability to see through the eyes of the First Responder enables deviation from the initial plan based upon what’s actually happening on scene. This remote ability enables the command center to assist in medical triage and/or crisis support response actions. First Responders benefit from having immediate access to multi-disciplined command room personnel (medical, legal, and force protection) to expedite authorized response decisions.

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