Intelligence Analysis

Many Disciplines, One Mindset

CIS Secure provides analysis across multiple intelligence disciplines delivering advanced capabilities for analysis and integration of intelligence, security and defense issues, including intelligence analysis, electronic systems, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems, security systems, Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) systems, prototype intelligence hardware/software suites, investigation of field requirements, systems, technologies, impact to force structures, and business functions consistent with customer standards and missions.

CIS Secure has dedicated professionals and subject matter experts in its Intelligence Analysis core capability providing multi-discipline expertise to our customers. CIS Secure provides research and analytic expertise in support of multi-disciplined analytic requirements through its in-depth understanding of the evolving communications technology environment. Our highly skilled staff recognize we must rapidly meet operational and tactical needs while also addressing recurring, standing, and strategic analytic requirements. We are well-versed in today’s data-rich environment and understand the necessity of leveraging tactical, theater, and national databases in order to garner full benefits from collection efforts. We understand our customers demand a coordinated, multi-discipline approach for collection, processing, analysis, and reporting. We have assisted our customers’ ability to push intelligence to national and operation decision makers within the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Combatant Commands and other services and agencies.

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CIS Secure provides a broad spectrum of expertise supporting various intelligence disciplines to include:

Advanced Intelligence Training

CIS Secure utilizes experienced Intelligence professionals and subject matter experts to provide customized advanced intelligence performance-based training solutions. We deliver course instruction, mobile training, role player and surveillance, and operations support to include the impact of changing missions and national intelligence priorities, emerging technologies/systems and evaluate the impact on existing or planned training programs. We analyze, model, and recommend improvements to these programs is projected mission tasking environments.

CIS Secure designs, develops, and delivers innovative training and education solutions to accelerate the development of intelligence practitioners who serve in operational, investigative, collection, and analytical roles, as well as increase human readiness for evolving missions. We drive and design solutions that produce consistent knowledge and skills improvement. We do this by creating an effective, integrated learning and performance experience. We are able to integrate expertise from subject matter experts across our Information Technology and Intelligence capabilities to enrich our training experience. We continuously examine new research and technologies to drive training innovation.

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CIS Secure provides a broad spectrum of expertise supporting advanced intelligence training to include: