Keep communications secure.

Our adversaries get smarter and more creative every day. CIS Secure pushes the boundaries of design and innovation to out-think, out-engineer and outsmart them. From designing and provisioning to engineering and implementation, CIS Secure’s team of experts turn innovative thinking into secure, original solutions to the world’s most urgent communications and computing challenges.

Technology Intelligence,

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Secure Personal Mobility

CIS Secure’s altOS™ mobile platform is what turns mobile devices into secure communications solutions that protect and defend. When altOS is integrated with our robust management console, CIS Secure delivers a world of options for organizations looking to secure communications on mobile devices.

CIS Secure’s clients in the Intelligence Community use our solution to ensure that security policy is extended and enforced on all devices. Our customers do this while enabling multiple profiles through secure containers – reducing the number of mobile devices each user must carry. The versatility of the platform combined with a growing list of powerful 3rd party hardware and software solutions makes it possible to address a growing variety of use cases.


The vast majority of communications technologies available in the marketplace focus on the consumer and, while security is often discussed, it is not always implemented effectively. CIS Secure has a long history of extending the security capabilities of consumer technology to meet the needs of government agencies, the DoD or the Intelligence Community, sand system integrators.

CIS Secure customizes solutions to your mission and special circumstances and has worked with major commands to understand mission requirements, design and develop new, multi-technology tactical kits to help carry out their mission in the field by securing communications.

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Unmanned Aerial System/Counter UAS

CIS Secure provides Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services to the US Army including engineering, reverse engineering, electronic exploitation, intelligence (OSINT, FISINT, All Source), and signals analysis expertise. Most of our staff—more than 80%—is comprised of DoD and IC veterans who have lived through missions, risks and requirements of the technologies we create.

CIS Secure’s UAS pilots are qualified to fly (COTS) aircraft in support of CUAS system validation testing. Our operations specialists train US and NATO partners in CUAS best practices while our subject matter experts support vulnerability assessments of DOD critical infrastructure.