Mission Mobility

From DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) users to tactical teams and special operators, our government resources face significant challenges in the cyber battlespace. Whether in a dense urban environment or in the austere surroundings of an isolated remote location, the need for secure communications is an unquestioned requirement. While mobile technologies have transformed the landscape when it comes to seamless access for field-based users, CIS Secure solutions deliver the secure platforms needed in a world of contested communications.

The very nature of today’s battlespace demands the need for real time decision making informed by input from distributed sources. As a result, organizational Commands are relying more and more on the power of secure mobile solutions to deliver the situational awareness needed to make the impact expected by mission leadership. CIS Secure’s approach to mobile mission support delivers the secure services, infrastructure and endpoints to secure the mission.

Mission-driven solutions for a world at risk

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Secure Personal Mobility

CIS Secure’s altOS secure mobility platform provides security functionality that is missing from consumer mobile operating systems. The dominant posture in government today is to limit the use of mobile technology and generally ban smartphones from all sensitive facilities. This has the unfortunate side effect of alienating employees who want the convenience and productivity advantages mobile has to offer. altOS delivers secure government users the ability and flexibility needed from mobile communications devices with the confidence that they have the granularity of control to implement and enforce policy to keep them secure.

Technology Intelligence


Secure Mobile Computing

The growing access to networks and the portability of end user computing devices has contributed to the ubiquitous nature of the modern work environment. Connecting mobile computing platforms from anywhere at any time is now a standard expectation for all users. With this extension of the network edge to locations both within secure spaces and on public networks, the surface area for potential attacks has grown exponentially for government users. Given the rising tide of cyberattacks and other security threats across various vectors, secure government devices demand far more rigor when protecting sensitive or classified information than data residing on traditional consumer based mobile computing platforms.

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CIS Secure Mobile Mission Support solutions focus on secure mobile computing platforms for government users who need the comprehensive protection associated with sensitive data. These secure devices require a layered security approach that deploys multiple Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) security solutions and controls to protect the vulnerabilities exposed by a mobile device. Our secure mobile computing solution seamlessly integrates multiple COTS products including secure supply chain sourced hardware, secure operating system, and secure VPN solutions. When coupled with our support and integration service offerings, CIS Secure helps our customers secure the mission.

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Tactical Flexibility

Users at the Tactical Edge often operate in the field and away from the friendly confines of their home facility. While away from their base of operations, these users must still execute the tasks associated with their mission by communicating with all stakeholders involved. Connecting to secure networks and having fully functional secure collaboration capabilities are key to their success. As a technology innovator, CIS Secure leads the way in support of these users by transforming networking and communications equipment from office-based devices into portable kits that can be deployed in the field.

The ability to extend the functionality of these critical functions into simple, intuitive kits that can be transported anywhere – enables users to follow existing workflows and leverage established user training outside of the office.

CIS Secure’s understanding of mission requirements allows us to seamlessly extend office capabilities into the field by changing the form factor of commonly-used components that can then be leveraged – wherever, whenever.

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