Secure Personal Mobility

Mobility powers extraordinary capabilities, but also introduces significant new operational risks. As an alternative to consumer-centric smartphones, CIS Secure’s altOS platform provides a comprehensive security capability that is missing from consumer mobile operating systems. Custom-built for secure operations, altOS is designed to provide complete control of the user’s device, applications and overall experience. The altOS platform is based on our security-enhanced Android operating system, designed to run on approved smartphone hardware to provide optimal protection for mission-critical operations. altOS is a complete solution that includes a management server and an over-the-air update server designed to deliver the policy-based control required by government users.

Mission-driven solutions for a world at risk

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Secure Mode

Our Secure Mode capability strikes a balance between security and usability with a geofenced policy-controlled setting that locks down all radios, cameras, and microphones in the device – preventing their use anywhere near or inside designated facilities. Rather than excluding smartphones from the facility, a device in Secure Mode can be allowed into designated buildings where it can connect to the internal wired network and still function as a useful computing device.

Secure Containers

The altOS customer can deploy distinct secure containers to the same phone. Each container operates as an isolated Android phone profile, allowing data and app isolation, yet enabling the user to quickly switch between them with a fingerprint, PIN or passcode.

Each container follows unique policy rules defined by the administrator, covering everything from hardware access to app behavior. The altOS platform allows a user to carry a single phone that looks like an everyday smartphone and use it for personal use as well as strictly controlled, secure government use.

New containers can be pushed on-demand to a phone to enable mission-specific tasks. Containers can be encrypted and backed up to cloud storage, then deleted from the device and restored later, allowing anonymity and safety for individuals traveling while conducting government business.

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Device Management

Control your organization’s devices with centralized policy management. The browser-based altOS management console puts device management and provisioning under your control with a dashboard, policy editor, and QR-code based provisioning.

New devices are provisioned in a matter of seconds with a QR code that defines the containers and security policies. Deployments for thousands of devices are managed with a few clicks to define and distribute policy updates. The management server lets you control and monitor all your devices – providing real-time visibility on device status, security posture, and policy compliance.

Add, modify, and remove containers on-demand. altOS lets you keep up with changing operational requirements from the server, without recalling user devices or requiring awkward procedures in the field.

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Secure Supply Chain

Mobile devices are highly complex computing platforms containing components and software packages from hundreds of sources. Security managers must think about how foreign adversaries could subvert their smartphones. The problem is intensified by software updates made over-the-air.

CIS Secure breaks the typical supply chain attack sequence by replacing the smartphone operating system with altOS. altOS is developed from the original Android Open-Source Project, then flashed to the phone in a CIS Secure facility. Replacing the original OEM operating system with a custom-built and secure alternative significantly increases the difficulty for foreign adversaries to control the platform. CIS Secure makes the source code available to our customers for review.

Customers using altOS control most aspects of the operating system from the customer-owned and managed server. Operating system updates are managed and distributed by the customer. This control is a significant improvement over traditional updates pushed by the OEMs without advance customer approval.


The altOS management server simplifies onboarding of new devices, reducing the procedure to a one-time setup of scanning a QR code. Subsequent management, including adding new containers and changing existing policy, is all done from the server. A secure team.

When it comes to integration, implementation and ongoing support, you can trust our team. Many of our professionals have served in the IC and DoD Communities. And 100% of our delivery team holds security clearances with 88% TS/SCI. These are people who understand your mission, have walked in your footsteps and innovate from a place of functionality, security and national defense. They make “what ifs” happen every day with mission-specific customization and capability.