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CIS Secure’s broad portfolio of secure collaboration solutions are custom-built to ensure the countermeasures needed on endpoints to protect communications. With commercial off-the-shelf products unable to provide the level of protection needed by our secure government users, CIS Secure extends our secure collaboration from voice and video at the desktop, to the conference room or in the field.

Whether collaboration services are cloud-based or on-premises, the need to protect the stream of voice, video and data sharing is critical to government operations. There are many requirements and standards that drive compliance for secure government communications such as FedRAMP and the DoD SRG for cloud services, hardware-based encryption for networks and TSG and TEMPEST for endpoints.

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With the accelerated migration to hybrid work, the use of laptops has significantly increased to accommodate the modern user. With it, the use of the softphone has also proliferated. With a softphone, there is no longer the compelling need for an instrument such as a desk phone to reside at every workstation.

A government agency with a secure mission came to CIS Secure with the need for applying TSG compliance to their softphone users, as well as maintaining protection in secure spaces where confidential and/or classified information is discussed. CIS Secure brought an innovative approach to problem solving in the agency with the design and build of our USB Positive Disconnect (USB PD) to address the softphone challenge.

By developing our USB PD to allow the connection of approved US peripherals such as web cams and headsets to a laptop (or desktop), we were able to bring TSG compliant controls to the softphone. This agency and many of our other customers are now able to stay compliant while leveraging the flexibility and functionality of mobile computing and hybrid work environments.

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Federal mandates and agency security guidance, such as the ones for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), have recently been issued to help standardize the handling of sensitive unclassified information by federal agencies and departments. While secure facilities, controlled access areas and proper labelling are part of the process of protecting this information, government users are also required to ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot overhear conversations discussing CUI. An area that is particularly vulnerable to eavesdropping on unclassified information – is an organization’s VoIP phones, even when those phones are on-hook and not being actively operated by the user. Since VoIP phones operate as basic computers with on-board microphones, their network connectivity makes them susceptible to compromise by unauthorized users. It’s been proven that bad actors can easily access phone features remotely and listen to conversations – often without leaving a trail.

The National Telecommunications Security Working Group (NTSWG), as part of the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), has issued CNSSI 5000/5001 directives to federal agencies to adopt secure phones – also known as TSG phones – to protect against audio eavesdropping. CIS Secure is the industry leader in the TSG arena and brings a wide portfolio of TSG-approved phone options with features, functions, and peripherals to secure government environments. Our engineers have been working with our program experts to consistently innovate our solutions by working closely with the NTSWG as well as our government customers.

Collaboration driven by video.

In today’s contested communications environment, we face constant threats to our infrastructure, data and conversations. CIS Secure helps our government protect these assets with innovative endpoint solutions equipped with the countermeasures needed to defend them, but that is not where our value to government ends. CIS Secure provides audio, video, and unified communication services that are customized to the needs of each customer’s operational environment. With our focus set squarely on optimizing the functionality needed to ensure the effective and efficient completion of the customer mission, we make sure that video collaboration securely connects stakeholders wherever, whenever.