Use Case

In 2017, CIS began working closely with a cabinet level agency with multiple large, nationwide enterprise IP phone networks. As part of this civilian Agency’s mission, its employees and contractors handle significant quantities of controlled unclassified information (CUI). Although not classified, much of this CUI was more sensitive than average. This raised concerns for Agency leadership regarding how and when this information was discussed. Understanding the risk associated with the vulnerability of VoIP and the sensitivity of the CUI that was being discussed in the facilities, Agency leadership took proactive steps to mitigate the risks.

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Leadership instituted a policy to implement TSG phones in a phased approach across the Agency as a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM). CIS Secure engaged with multiple, geographically dispersed Agency technical teams to understand the breadth and scope of the areas that needed to be addressed. The agency had – and continues to have – multiple phone systems spread across the country ranging from analog handsets to numerous VoIP platforms. CIS Secure’s broad and growing portfolio of TSG-approved instruments was able to meet the needs of the disparate phone networks across the country. In addition, the CIS Secure team worked with Agency leadership to understand emerging VoIP requirements and developed new solutions to help meet these needs.

CIS Secure has provided over 20,000 VoIP phones across multiple platforms (Cisco, Avaya, Poly), 5,000 USB Positive Disconnects as a softphone solution and 500 analog phones to this Agency. Our TSG-approved phones are helping to ensure that the Agency is managing risk across the enterprise as part of this concerted effort to protect CUI. With the emergence of video as a key enabler of stakeholder workflows, the Agency is currently working with CIS Secure to evaluate the dynamics of TSG video in further reducing their risk profile. With CIS Secure’s expanding TSG portfolio of solutions, our goal remains helping our customers secure their mission.

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