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More Telework Solutions on the Horizon for CIS Secure

 Ashburn, VA – September 10, 2020   CIS Secure (CIS), a leader in delivering secure integrated communications and network connectivity, announced future developments to its existing Telework portfolio. The CIS Telework portfolio currently includes several TSG-certified Positive Disconnect devices, headsets, and desktop collaborative tools with fully integrated high-definition displays.

“Government employees shifted their work location from a traditional office to their home, and more than ever, they needed the right technology to continue working efficiently and securely. CIS Secure can provide the needed modern collaborative tools for virtual workers to maintain secure operations,” said Les Rosenthal, VP of Sales CIS Secure. “Our 15-year mission continues to safeguard our customer’s critical information – voice, data, or video – from any location, whether in a traditional office, field mission, or remote home environment.”

The expanded platform offers virtual users a wide selection of secure technology to ensure their day-to-day tasks continue with high-performance and protected accessibility.

Details and release dates for each of the new products will be available shortly.

 About CIS Secure

CIS is the world’s leading provider of secure communications and computing solutions for government and commercial customers. CIS designs and manufactures a wide range of products IT equipment to support stringent government security requirements. Our customers include organizations and communities throughout global defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security whose missions depend heavily on their ability to communicate and securely exchange information while operating in challenging physical environments.

CIS Secure is ISO 9001 certified. CIS Labs is an NSA Certified TEMPEST manufacturer and test facility.

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