Technology Partnerships

The success and security of your mission forms a common bond between CIS Secure and our OEM technology partners. Working together, we have a strong track record of performance, collaboration, innovation, assurance and customization.

We understand there is no average or easy mission. Our technology partners enable us to create custom solutions that conform to your mission, instead of the other way around. The result is mission-driven, purpose-built platforms, services and solutions that reflect our unerring dedication to the security and protection of your people.

Business Partners

CIS Secure’s business partners share our mission and yours—communicating securely and protecting contested communications. Our partners chose CIS Secure because they know we push the boundaries of innovation to create the industry’s broadest range of C5ISR, TEMPEST, TSG and other solutions to address the world’s most challenging tactical communications security challenges. We work closely together to provide best-in-class products, customization, integration, services and complementary technologies.