CIS Secure

  • Key Features
    • Best-in-class dual-mode active noise canceling (ANC) lets you choose your preferred noise-reduction level
    • 3.5mm cord extends your listening time and is optimal for in-flight use
    The modified secure version of the Voyager 8200 headset is adapted to be a wired-only and all radio removed headset. The use case for the modified Voyager 8200 (DTD-UC8200-01) is in an area that processes sensitive data or secure areas with applicable U.S. government/corporate security policies in effect, i.e., no cell phones, no transmitters, no memory devices, etc.
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  • Manufacturer: Polycom Certification
    • NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I
    • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (equivalent)
    • CID09/15A (equivalent)
    Key Features
    • Enterprise-grade video, voice, and digital teleconferencing solution
    • Optimized for small meeting rooms
    • Easily accessible reset button and interface ports
    The DTD-G310-01-L1 Polycom codec is a space saving Level 1 TEMPEST design that simplifies video conferencing for today’s industry standards. Featuring simple setup and configuration, the Polycom® RealPresence® Group 310 supports H.323 and SIP video calls and provides the ability to share content using H.239/BFCP. The G310 codec configuration provides customers with the interfaces needed to exceed in video conferencing in any size company.
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  • Manufacturer: CIS Secure Key Features
    • Supports up to 4 workstations
    • Easily visible LED indicators
    • Customizable to fit individual company needs
    The KVM transceivers and receiver products are lightweight and fully isolated to provide a customizable solution for the connectivity of multiple computing operations.
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