In an era of contested communications, commercial enterprises and agencies
must remain vigilant when protecting critical data. One of the most targeted
areas of attack is the vicinity of the user interface point. Data leakage from user
interface points such as the KVM, may pose a threat to electronic
communications as sensitive information could leak from a secure enclave into
an insecure environment. The CIS Secure KVM solution is designed to provide
keyboard, mouse and video access to computing systems from a single console
using fiber technology. The discrete switching and data paths guarantee true
isolation between devices. The CIS Secure solution creates a fiber-connected
secure KVM switching system capable of supporting up to four different
endpoints to a single management interface.

The CIS Secure DTD-4KVMRX serves as the console for the KVM environment
and allows users to switch seamlessly between one of four connected
endpoints while leveraging a single connected USB keyboard, mouse and
display. The DTD-KVMTX connects to a single endpoint at the other end of a
fiber connection from the DTD-4KVMRX console. Since the DTD-4KVMRX and
the DTD-KVMTX’s are connected via a single strand of multimode fiber, the
endpoint can be located at the same desk as the console or in a secure server
room in another building. For the DoD and Intelligence Community, CIS Secure
offers a TEMPEST version of the our KVM solution to protect against the
vulnerability of electromagnetic emissions.

Key Features

  • KVM connection for up to (4) computing devices with simple mechanical switching
  • Discrete switching and separate fiber paths from each endpoint ensure isolation between devices
  • Government users can leverage CIS Secure’s TEMPEST KVM version which is NSTISSAM 1-92 Level 1 certified



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