The CIS Secure Portable Multi-Domain Infrastructure Kit (PMDI) is a robust tactical solution that delivers networking across (3) separate secure (Red) domains simultaneously as well providing unsecured (Black) WAN network connectivity. The PMDI leverages a separate router and separate Type 1 encryption device for each of the (3) secure domains. When combined with another separate router to connect to the unsecured WAN (Internet, etc.), the platform is positioned to allow users to communicate from secure devices in the field  to multiple secure networks at the same time.

When conducting operations in the field, users don’t have the luxury of a static, diverse network infrastructure. This lack of infrastructure can’t limit the scope of the mission which can often consist of multiple devices connecting to multiple disparate secure networks. By utilizing the unsecured router and its connection to the Internet, a single network backhaul connection can be used to provide WAN connectivity for each secure domain. By easily connecting devices to each domain, users can get to the information they need from the networks they are authorized to access in support of the mission. The PMDI kit also allows users to continue to support the mission by working through intermittent power issues with its built-in UPS with LiFEPO4 batteries.

Key Features

  • Ruggedized Case
  • UPS with Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • AC and DC Power
  • Supports (3) Type 1 Encryptors
  • TEMPEST Certified
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