When communication infrastructure is either non-existent or unavailable by unplanned outage or by disaster, emergency personnel and first responders need to establish secure communication links. The CIS Secure Portable Wireless Travel Kit allows users to quickly enable a private wireless network without the need for a WiFi or cellular infrastructure already in place. The innovative DTD-PWTK-01 from CIS Secure enables the rapid deployment of a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) to get team members connected and working to support the mission.

The DTD-PWTK-01 leverages the Persistent Systems MPU5 Smart Radio, the industry leader in scalable MANET environments. The MPU5 works in challenging RF environments at a range of up to 1 mile (depending on conditions) to enable IP-based communications. The self-forming / self-healing MANET technology used by the MPU5 routes your data to the endpoints that need to connect in real-time. With the MPU5 at its core, CIS Secure can scale the size and scope of the MANET by seamlessly deploying multiple DTD-PWTK01’s and creating a multi-path, meshed network. The kit easily integrates with security devices to create a secure network for user devices which can then safely transmit across the unsecured MANET.

Key Features

  • Small Form Factor Case
  • UPS with Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • AC and DC Power
  • Enable Full Comms
  • S-Band Radio (2200-2507 MHz)
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