Manufacturer: CIS Secure Computing

Key Features

  • One black WAN port (labeled Router)
  • One red LAN PoE port (DHCP serviced)
  • Two red LAN ports (DHCP serviced)
  • One battery backed 19 volt DC output for the black router or satellite terminal
  • Four 19 volt* DC auxiliary power connections for laptops or other electronic devices
  • Tested for use with most Dell laptops
*Different voltages are programmable

This power module becomes the center of a KG-250X encrypted communications system. Enclosed in a ruggedized chassis is a KG-250X (GFE) and red router (for DHCP Service) plus a Power over Ethernet Injector. This highly integrated module will operate your communications system from 12 or 24 volts DC, 110 or 220 volts AC or from its internal rechargeable batteries. The batteries are recharged from any of your input power sources automatically.

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