Manufacturer: CIS Secure Computing


  • NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (equivalent)
  • CID09/15A (equivalent)

Key Features

  • Bright classification status sign
  • COTS appliance simplicity
  • AMX, Crestron, or CIS remote control
  • DE9 Copper and SC Fiber Ethernet ports
  • Users Selectable Color Scheme

Security Features

  • All Off position between connections—eliminates any potential momentary crosstalk when switching
  • Switched power connectors—Pulsed power connector ensures codec reboot between security levels. Active When Off connector ensures external devices is not powered during IP operation. When used with the DTD-530S, this feature can disable ISDN calling when in an active IP mode.
  • No RS232 controls—eliminates additional communication path that can compromise switch integrity. Remote control is accomplished via contact closures only.
  • Switch security—manual and remote control allows only one mode of operation at a time
  • No RJ45 interfaces—inherently non-secure RJ45 copper LAN connectors are converted to DE9 and SC Fiber
  • User selectable color codes—Red or Green Secure/Non Secure lighted status indicator
  • Designed, built, and tested to meet TEMPEST Level 1 and exceed TEMPEST 2-95 specifications.
  • Gender controlled connectors—prevents accidental cross domain cable connections.

The Dual IP Network Isolation Switch enables devices with a single Ethernet interface to switch between two different LANs simply and securely. Isolation between the ports is designed and tested to meet NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I TEMPEST specifications providing EMI protection and exceed TEMPEST 2-95 guidelines for Red-Black separation using optical and electrical isolation. It also provides switching simplicity without software, memory, or console port security vulnerabilities and includes Department of Defense network switch policy features: codec reboot, contract closure remote control, status indication, gender controlled connectors, all off position.

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