Key Features

  • Powered by the USB connection or by an optional external 5-volt power supply
  • Can be used with any standard USB A device
  • Integrated time-out feature
  • Discreet logic – Cannot be programmed or reprogrammed
  • Includes two hard-wired two-foot USB A cables for PC connections
  • Patent Pending

The USB device provides positive disconnect security for any device utilizing a USB A connection. Manually depressing the plastic dome disables, or enables, the positive disconnect security, but the security enables automatically after a pre-determined amount of time. Redundant color LED indicators that signify when it is Safe (green), Live (red), and when timer expiration is about to occur (alternating of red and blue). While the LEDs are indicating the security time out, if the dome is pressed again the timer resets and the connection remains uninterrupted.

Download Datasheet