Secure Communications: Born For a Zero Trust World

Secure Communications: Born For a Zero Trust World

By Bill Hargreaves

You could call 2022 “The Year of Zero Trust”. The year began with an Executive Order on Cybersecurity featuring Zero Trust as a major directive. Since then, government agencies and the contractors who serve them have been strategizing a move from traditional perimeter authentication to a more compartmentalized model where users authenticate and are constantly validated as they access more—and more sensitive—information. The idea is that, rather than assuming someone is a trusted user, we suspect mal intent at every turn. Zero Trust.

Of course, all this happens on top of an enterprise of applications and devices that have also been secured by fixing inherent vulnerabilities, incorporating security and practicing risk management best practices. And while this is enough to satisfy government requirements, there is still the risk that a vulnerability within an application can be exploited by those who find the opening before you do.

CIS Secure has been planning for Zero Trust and other security measures since our inception. In fact, our business is built on adding critical layers of protection against internal and external threat – across multiple platforms and technologies.  Long before you ever power on one of our secure communications devices, a form of Zero Trust has already been built in. The result is some of the most secure communications devices available.

Completing the security chain with advanced protection, integration and support.

CIS Secure’s solutions go beyond traditional Type 1 and Type 2 encryption to align with the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified program (CSfC). This protects classified data even on untrusted networks and allows us to customize commercial products to our customers’ missions. Most recently, CIS Secure has invested in technical skills that include software development and testing, advanced engineering and design, complemented by a growing team of professional services experts.  CIS Secure has expanded our own capabilities in order to meet our clients’ growing awareness of threat, expanded use of collaboration tools, and the need to hold one expert responsible for a wide range of requirements.

Preparing you to meet Zero Trust requirements.

CIS Secure’s communications solutions fit seamlessly into your Zero Trust efforts so you can ultimately trust even the most sensitive transmissions in the field. Learn more of the measures CIS Secure takes to secure communications and your infrastructure as you move toward Zero Trust in your organization.

To learn more, drop us a line to learn how we can help support your Zero Trust initiatives.