The Secure Edge

In much of government and industry, technology architectures are built on a foundation that assumes reliable, readily available and physically secure infrastructures and resources are available to users. In today’s world, however, the same cannot be said for many in the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), and other agencies’ users whose missions demand higher levels of security. These users live in a world of continually contested communications. They operate in challenging environments in facilities where their communications must be protected – they live at the Secure Edge.

CIS Secure brings innovative Secure Edge solutions to the IC, DoD, and other users who need to make sure the security and the integrity of their communications are ensured, regardless of the demanding environments they must face.

No two missions
or solutions are alike

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Many people understand that a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is a US government-accredited facility where classified or sensitive information can be stored, discussed and electronically processed. While very effective, building out and maintaining a SCIF can be expensive and complex. If the goal is to shield IT equipment (inside or outside of a SCIF), another effective approach is to block emanations (unintended data-related or intelligence-bearing radio frequency signals) by leveraging TEMPEST-certified electronic devices.

CIS Secure TEMPEST products are specifically designed to suppress compromising emanations and mitigate unwanted electromagnetic or acoustic signals. We leverage innovative designs and specially shielded materials in the development of our TEMPEST devices. Our experienced engineering team and subject matter experts have extensive program experience and the technical expertise to develop TEMPEST certified products to meet the needs of the mission.

CIS Secure TEMPEST portfolio includes computing, networking, peripherals and secure video solutions.