Secure Intelligence

Data integrity, reliability and security is critical to mission success.

At CIS Secure, we protect our customers’ data from environmental compromise by offering a wide range of TEMPEST (NSTISSAM 1-92 and NATO SDIP-27) solutions. Our TEMPEST solutions mitigate the electromagnetic emissions inherent in many COTS compute, voice, network and peripheral devices. Our TEMPEST solutions are designed to eliminate electromagnetic interference not only within the controlled “friendly” environment, but also protect against unintentional leaks of sensitive information to “hostile” counter measurements.

Our team of experienced engineers can design and develop custom products or modify existing COTS products to meet a variety of environmental, TEMPEST and other MILSPEC requirements. These custom solutions are engineered and TEMPEST-tested to ensure the final production design will meet the program’s security, delivery timeline, and budget requirements. Throughout this custom design process, CIS Secure Computing engineers work closely with the customer to ensure all desired Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) functionality is  unaffected by the material modifications required to meet TEMPEST standards. CIS Secure Computing is an NSA certified Manufacturing and Testing facility.

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