What We Do

Mission-driven solutions for a world of risk.

CIS Secure exists to protect our nation’s technology intelligence. We have the world’s broadest portfolio of C5ISR products, platforms, services and solutions to support mission-driven collaboration, tactical communications and personal mobility. And we provide support, engineering, customization, and integration services for our country’s most security-minded agencies. The result: purpose-built solutions that are designed, integrated and deployed to our specific mission requirements providing proven protection for secure communication and collaboration, wherever, whenever.

The mission behind the solution

Protect your people from threats—seen and unseen—with the broadest array of purpose-built C5ISR solutions available.
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We understand you, because we have been there.

Many of our employees are veterans of the DoD and IC. Driven by our shared mission, love of country, and passion for performance and execution, we strive to meet and uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability.