altOS Management Server Now Runs on Red Hat
  • November 30, 2021

altOS Management Server Now Runs on Red Hat

  • November 30, 2021

altOS is a complete mobile solution providing the security and controls that intelligence, defense, and civilian government organizations need to address the unique threats and operational requirements they face. altOS enables you to fully control Android-based smartphones, including ensuring apps don’t communicate when you don’t want them to. altOS stops the data exhaust and electronic trails which can put government employees at risk by exposing their presence and identity. The platform includes a mobile operating system derived from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), an end-to-end Management Server, and a private Over-the-Air (OTA) update server.

The altOS Management Server Delivers Organizational Control

Like MDM servers, the altOS Management Server provides central policy management and control over devices. Unlike MDM servers, the altOS Management Server enables much greater control because it is not solely reliant on the limited enterprise APIs allowed on standard smartphones. The combination of the altOS Management Server and the altOS operating system can provide administrator controls over device and container capabilities that cannot be supported by traditional MDM solutions. The Management Server enables you to set security policies with fine granularity, and remotely manage the mobile operating system without manual access to the devices.

Now on Red Hat

The altOS Management Server application now runs on Red Hat 8.4. Founded in 1993, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is now the predominant incumbent operating system for many large enterprises as well as government agencies. Additionally, Red Hat is often the only Linux server operating system approved for use on federal government servers.

Secure Mobility for Government Users

Running on Red Hat will enable government organizations to manage the altOS Management Server in a way that’s compatible with their existing processes. With numerous Red Hat experts already on staff, the ability to run the altOS Management Server on Red Hat enables them to work with an operating system at which they’re skilled and streamlines the installation and deployment process.

Accommodating Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG)

Red Hat has a long history of providing and developing STIGs to ensure the Red Hat operating system is secure and compliant with numerous DOD requirements. As described by Red Hat, “A STIG is a document published by the Department of Defense Cyber Exchange (DoD), which is sponsored by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It contains guidance on how to configure systems to defend against potential threats. These threats mainly include cyberattacks, but they can also be problems caused by the use of misconfigured systems.”

Numerous DOD Directives require all IA and IA-enabled IT products which are incorporated into DoD information systems to be configured in accordance with DoD-approved guidelines. STIG goals include intrusion avoidance, intrusion detection, and response and recovery.

By installing the altOS Management Server on Red Hat, altOS customers can then configure the Server to be compliant with their unique requirements.

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